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綠屋節能科技有限公司,獨家代理Suntech天窗系統。Suntech 自1976年以來開始投入生產開啟式調光天窗,光膜天窗和各式遮陽篷系統,累積了豐富的經驗,並於2000年在Silivri建立了生產設施。

Suntech擁有2萬平方米的私人區域,現代化和技術集成的製造設施,以國際標準生產現代開啟是百葉綠屋,光膜天窗和遮陽篷系統,已國際和國家標準,均獲得了 ISO 9001獎項肯定。

Suntech 在遍布全球72個國家包含歐洲,美洲,非洲,亞洲和澳大利亞等地,擁有廣泛的分銷渠道和解決方案。


Suntech has been producer of the modern retractable pergolas, roof,
winter garden and awning systems since 1976, won accumulation of experience and has established production facilities in 2000 in Silivri.

With 20,000 m2 closed area, modern and technologically integrated manufacturing
facilities at international standards to produce modern retractable pergolas, roof, winter garden and awning systems.
We has received ISO 9001 certification according to international and national standards

Suntech operates with widespread distribution sales channels and solution-oriented
approach to projects in Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australia continents in total 72 countries. Suntech has professional management team, skilled marketing unit, effective customer relationship policy that providing the highest level of customer satisfaction,
thereby expanding customer portfolio.